Carpet Cleaning Suggestions

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February 1, 2018
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February 1, 2018

Carpet Cleaning Suggestions

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2. Use preconditioning products. These are known as prespotters, presprays, etc. and are generally sprayed onto the carpet before cleaning. What these products do is prepare the soils to be rinsed out. Don’t prepare the soil to be rinsed and it will be more difficult to clean… simple. Also, presprays have to come into total contact with all
soiling. This means that if your carpet is pretty soiled or if you have bad traffic areas, a light spray of a product simply will not penetrate to all areas of soiling. You have to apply what is needed to get into the grime. Not doing so will produce poor results. And let the prespray dwell on the carpet for ten minutes or so before you clean so it can have time to work.

3. Always prevacuum your carpet before cleaning. Even though you just vacuumed the carpet a week ago, do it again before you clean. Mud is a lot more difficult to remove when cleaning than oily soils, so get the dry soils out first with a thorough vacuuming.

4. Use a pile rake before vacuuming.Using a pile rake will separate the yarns and make soils loosen and easier to vacuum. Plus, after you use presprays, you can rake it in and make it penetrate better. And the carpet will be easier to clean after it’s raked out and you can even rake the carpet after cleaning to give the carpet a fresh appearance and lift the pile.

5. Dealing with furniture. When you are cleaning a room with furniture in it, move the furniture out of its place a wall at a time, clean under it, and put it back.You do not have to take it right out of the room. If you want to, go right ahead, as an empty room is a lot less hassle to clean. But watch your back so you don’t hurt yourself.
You cannot put furniture back on wet carpet unless you have something under it. Items with legs you can put small pieces of plastic underneath (cut up a trash bag) and the items without legs you will have to keep off the carpet with small pieces of wood or styrofoam. You have to do this as a lot of furniture will leave permanent staining on a damp carpet. You can purchase small plastic or foil tabs and styrofoam from a store that rents machines, but you will pay through the nose. Cut up a plastic trash bag for the plastic ahead of time, and get a few sheets of
styrofoam. You can score the styrofoam into 2×2 inch blocks with a sharp knife so they will break off easily.
6. Chemicals. Mix your cleaning products as specified on the label. If the product says two ounces per gallon of water, then putting four will not make your carpet cleaner. You will just have a machine full of
foam after and be real sorry with residue problems. Use our quality products too. Our professional products will definitely give you better results with better dilution ratios so you get more for your money. An average rinse
detergent for a machine is mixed at 2 oz. per five gallons of water. That means you will be getting 320 gallons of cleaning solution from a gallon’s worth of professional product. And an average cost for a gallon of professional rinse detergent will be about $10 or so, which will give you a lot more for your money. 320 gallons of cleaning solution is enough to supply you for a long time. So don’t fool yourself, you cannot beat professional products!

7. When you clean, take your time. Clean the carpet in sections. Just vacuum the whole thing first, then move the necessary furniture out of the way. Prespray the area with a preconditioner and allow it to sit for 10 minutes and then go over it with the cleaning tool, spraying down the hot rinse solution. Go back and forth until you are satisfied with the results and then make a few thorough vacuum only passes with the tool so you remove as much moisture as possible. Put your furniture back, protecting legs and bases as needed, and proceed to the next area. When you are tired, have a cup of tea and relax.

8. Make sure the machine is functioning properly. Check all of the hoses and make sure they are not leaking air or water. If they are,the machine will lose power and not clean as well. Make sure all of the fittings are tight and you have very good suction from the vacuum hose. Make sure the spray is even and covering the entire width of the
tool that touches your carpet. And if the tool is equipped with some sort of agitator like a scrubbing brush or vibrating mechanism, make sure it’s spinning properly and working right. Check all of these things
before and during your cleaning.